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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for February 2022

I guess this is part of the winter blues where everything will feel like it’s on hold. This continuously came up in the cards for most signs this month. That doesn’t mean nothing positive will happen, but it just means everything feels stuck. Usually, when Mercury is retrograde, that is the feeling we get. It could be a thought or a feeling, or it could be a snowstorm! Although Mercury goes direct on the 3rd there may be a grace period of two weeks where everything still feels stuck. You have the feeling of being all dressed up and no place to go. Remember, this feeling will eventually be passing as we get through the last few weeks of this month. When you feel stuck, take the philosophy that it is a good time to work out old situations from your past before everything accelerates again.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day! Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


There will be two people vying for your attention to start a business partnership with you as we move out of Mercury in retrograde. Even though both seem attractive, neither of them appeals to you. To your surprise, a third person comes along that appeals to you and gives you an offer you can’t refuse. You will say yes, but as nervous as you feel you know it is right. You may not start it right away, but you will get everything prepared for it. Once you get into this new line of business, you will have no regrets.


Whatever crisis you may feel you are in, everything will work itself out, so there is no reason to get upset. Again, don’t worry. This will be more on a social level or a family level. You get your way, but things will take time to settle down in the long run. It’s like after you get your way, you know it is wise to let sleeping dogs lie and leave it alone. This month your place of employment may ask you to travel, and because of the pandemic, you will be ambivalent. You may have no choice but to go. Everything will be fine; you don’t have to worry about ill-health.


Someone will recommend that you put a little money into an investment. This will be a very good recommendation because it will do very well. As you go into this month, there will be someone who wants to be your friend. I encourage you to pursue this friendship because it could lead to other things in the future. Someone from your past will be coming in and if you are single, you can have a very nice romance if you want. Let’s just say things will be looking up for both of you socially and professionally as February progresses.


This will be a month of change but in a good way. You will have more than one job offer that should come your way or fall in your lap. It may be challenging to choose which option you want. Go with your heart and see which one feels right for you and which one doesn’t. The cards say never disconnect with your intuition. You don’t have to give it any reason, just go with what your gut says, and you won’t regret it. Someone you are close with will provide very sound advice; however, you will not see what they see. Go with it, have some humility, don’t follow your ego, and you will make the right choice. If you let go of one job to go to a new job, your former employer will want you longer for fear the ship will sink. In other words, they want you to stay around to make sure it is floating before you officially leave.


This will be one of those months where you will feel that nothing is going right, but in reality, things are being stalled for you, so you don’t make the wrong decision. As the doors open for you, everything will fall into place smoothly with less hard work. There will be a coworker that you do not get along with or trust that you encounter. To your surprise, this person will be very instrumental in helping you succeed. You experience blocks and limited access to what you want, but realize it is happening for your good. Since February will feel this way, the lesson for this month is patience.


You may have no choice but to sign a contract that needs to be signed. Try not to sign until after the 3rd when Mercury goes direct. My recommendation is to read the contract thoroughly before you sign it. There is nothing wrong with it, but there are a few items that need to be added or removed. This will be to your advantage. Although we will be moving out of Mercury in retrograde, you will be meeting someone from your past that has been absent from your life and will want to share their life with you. (Part of Mercury retrograde is healing and clearing the past.) Right now, you don’t feel you want anyone new in your life, but this is okay. This will be a month where you will be harvesting lots of money from your work. The money that you procure is a gamble and a worry for you. Let’s just say that gamble will pay off!


There are dreams and ambitions that you have but at the same time, you have fears of pursuing them. I recommend you have courage and believe in your dreams, but you have to let go of the fear. Perhaps this is more on an astrological level, and not a copout, but despite your fear, everything will happen anyway. This is not me saying it but the universe. Making your dreams come true may require traveling, so use your intelligence and find other alternatives to get to your destination. Remember, when there is a will, there is a way.


There will be a contract pending that you will have no choice but to deal with. You are unsure if you want to sign it, so look at it thoroughly and try not to sign it until after the 3rd after Mercury goes direct. Also, there is something to do with you and some property. The project you have regarding this property, do it sooner rather than later. Therefore, you will be more prepared when spring arrives. You have obligations with family members, but you don’t want to do them. You will realize on a karmic level that it is the right thing to get involved. If you do, there will be less wear and tear with family karma and will create harmony with these family members. February is more of a family month for you.


This will be a month where you feel nothing is working for you. This will not be easy because you are a fire sign, and you won’t be able to do anything but stay in one place. There are interests that you have beyond where you live. Nothing will be working for you outside your inner circle. The doors are shut on anything new that you want to do right now. When the universe does this, it could be protecting you from something worse. Don’t bitch and complain. Accept it and be patient. Believe it or not, your patience will prove substantially for you. Your investments surpassed your expectations because of something you did in your past. Use this extra money to your advantage for future projects.


To your surprise and happiness, you may get an unexpected visitor, and it’s a meeting of celebration for you. A while back, you gave out a loan to someone, and it will now be reciprocated and given back to you through someone else. If you’ve filled out an application for something that you want, it will be approved but will take longer than you expect. You will be seeing more people than you would like this month, even if you want to see them. You are still not comfortable because of the pandemic. According to the cards, everything should be fine.


Happy Birthday! This is still a month where you will still feel stuck, but anything that has to do with business with eventually happen for you. So the first part of the month it will feel stuck and then pick up afterward. Just be aware you will have more than one person vying for attention and you won’t want to have anything to do with either of them. Even though your mind may be preoccupied, the things that you have wanted to happen will be happening but not as you expected. Things that you have wanted to happen from your past will be happening, so be patient and don’t worry.


Unfortunately, this is a month where you will still feel stuck but for your better good. You may be having problems at work because you feel underpaid. There will be room to negotiate to get the salary you want in the future. You have a partner that may have been doing something behind your back, and you will have an opportunity to find out what it is. Whatever this problem is may determine whether you will stay together or part ways. Have the confidence and strength to get through it, and you will be fine.


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