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The Prognosis for February 2023

On a world stage everything feels like it is going too fast. It's like a runaway locomotive that you can’t control. Right now, the trick is, don’t control it! It is as if it is all happening with divine intervention. Come March and in spring things will be falling into place. It is as if the United Nations will be coming into certain agreements that should all flow in the right direction for us. There will be a lot of change, but without the feeling of colliding. To wrap it up, all of the world powers will agree. This is happening because of certain intellectuals behind the scenes that we may not know who will be the positive influencers to make this flow with all the world powers.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


There are new ideas or components that you want to add in with your work, but no matter what you do right now, adding new things won’t work just yet. Be a little patient, and then everything will fall into place with your new ideas. Follow that old saying, “A watch pot never boils.” Once everything falls into place, your new ideas and methods will prove successful and make your work flourish. Finally, you may have to travel for work. I would recommend you avoid traveling this month.


After waiting a long time for a major change/opportunity to happen for you, it will now be coming. The cards indicate that it is more for your work than anything else, but you would have it no other way. What you have contributed with your work should give you a new place within your company with a pay raise or a promotion. But the cards also say make sure you are ready for this change. Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Once this happens, so many other opportunities will fall into place for you, including on a personal level.


Although you have this feeling of being trapped right now and nothing moving, believe it or not, everything is falling into place on its own accord. Yes, even though you can’t see it. Trust yourself for a change. Your life will improve even though you are just in your own bubble now. Realize, you are on your own unique right path, and you’ll see things developing and doors opening for you as winter progresses.


This will be a month of expecting the unexpected, meaning lots and lots of change for you. You know deep inside this change is happening, but you are not consciously putting it on the front burner yet. The sacrifices you think you are making to reach this goal will go unnoticed, but you will accomplish your goals, even if you are not sure what they all are yet. The pink elephant is in the room.


Right now, you are going through a phase, and you are not sure you can trust your intuition because of your fears. The cards say your intuition is on the money right now, so use it. Maybe what you are picking up on is one of the people you work with is not telling you everything. It is up to you to come up with the answers. Once you figure it out, you’ll know exactly what road to go down, even though there may be some hesitancy to go down that road. Come spring, your life with your work will become much easier.


Someone in your life, younger than you, is not telling you the truth about a certain situation. There is a possibility that you may let go of this person. You’ll eventually find out what this individual is hiding from you. It is up to you if you want to continue this friendship. You may learn that you can keep them in your life while keeping your distance.


Not to be cliché, but there are some people in your life to help you with new and better beginnings. So, whatever isn’t working with your career, they will help align everything to get it moving. Even if you don’t understand how they are doing it, don’t question it. Deep down within you, you’ll trust that what you are doing is the right thing. This will be a cause for celebration. With the changes you are making, you will be happier and more content.


The new work you decided to pick up, is the right choice because it will last for a long time. Even if you are unhappy with your paycheck, it is still a good choice. Because of your infinite wisdom, you’ve learned that patience goes a long way. There will be more change in your life. Even if you are nervous about it, the change will be good. You will have an unexpected visitor this month. It’s someone you haven’t heard from in a long time. (It feels like it is a family member.) Even if you have had your differences, embrace them, love them, and forgive them.


The cards tell me you are lonely or have been alone for a while. One reason is because you have been discovering certain truths about the schenanagins behind your back. Before you venture out, you want to gain as much knowledge as possible to combat what you have discovered. Because of your diligence of finding all this hidden information, you will be empowered to go out into the world and do everything correct, surprising many people. Once you put everything into motion, you will attract the right people to go on your next step forward.


There is a strong possibility that someone you love very much will be visiting. It should prove to be a very good visit. You feel like you are in a crisis at work. You have things to prove that you haven’t dealt with. Before you can do that, be sure you have the right people and components in place to prove what you can do. Just realize, your intuition, deep down, will help you get through it all. It’s as if you are walking in the dark to get to the other side. Although it sounds confusing, you will understand what it means by months end.


As your birthday month comes along, you will feel more like a fish out of water than in it. This feeling comes from thinking about your past and still feeling unresolved issues that need addressed. Plus, you are also questioning what work path you need to travel. By the end of the month, you should get many answers to your questions on this. The last cards I got were the Sun card with the Postponement card, so sunnier days are yet to come, but just be patient. It’s getting there.


Although you feel you have a lot of worry and things are not falling into place, this will be a time where you should throw all that fear out the window. There are still unsaid things that you are dealing with. It might be with a companion, a relative or a loved one. Just take the time and place to sit down and resolve any issues you may have with them, and it should turn out pretty good. Also, this month you might move to a new home. Just a word of caution before you move, be sure to read everything thoroughly in the contract.


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