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The Prognosis for January 2022

Although last year was one of the most difficult years to go through, things will eventually start turning around again. It is not without reflecting on things from the past to the present. This New Year will be about reflection and revelation on a personal as well as worldly level. Things that have been deceptive will now come to fruition and will likely change how we view things in this world. There will be certain world changes that may be difficult to get through, but we will get through it, so don’t be discouraged. For the most part, it will all be pretty good. Those of us that are anxious to travel, be cautious. It is still not a healthy world, but even though we bump into people that are unhealthy, if we take precautions, and are resilient, we should get through it.

This will be a year where we will become more spiritually evolved and more things will start to open up for us whether we are conscious about it or not. Somehow despite the difference in the world among humanity, there will come a moment where everyone will know how to mesh with each other despite our differences. Just realize 2022 will be about all of us healing again. This may take some time, since we are going through a lot of changes, and taking a gamble, but the gamble will pay off. By fall things should be back into some form of harmony.

Happy 2022! Light all around you!



To start, there is a chance by the beginning of this year that you will be offered a new job with a new company, and you will consider it. It will take you a little time to make the transition. If you feel you have been up against a wall, that soon shall pass and you will be okay. Be patient until the storm blows over. There are things that you can’t see that may be on the negative side, but the sun will shine on you to get through it. I’m reminded of that old saying, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” That is the case here. You’ll be getting more than one new job opportunity, so don’t make a decision right away. Sit down, relax, and view all of your options.


Whatever your company promised you as far as a raise or a bonus is concerned that you haven’t received yet; it will eventually end up in your lap. This will be a time where you will be having a couple of arguments in a love relationship. Be patient, and hear them out. Be the bigger person and placate them. You were invited on a trip, and right now unfortunately you can’t go, and it might be due to the pandemic. Even if you can’t go now, you’ll be able to go in the future.


There has been deception around you at work and you will eventually find out. Once you find out where it is coming from, you may have no choice but to strategize to maneuver the deception away. The good thing is you will know how to time it, to catch it, and you will resolve the issue. There is a woman that you cannot trust in any way. One way or another she will eventually be out of your life. She might be traveling or she might cross over to the other side, but either way, a burden will be lifted off your shoulders.


You will be getting certain monies that you feel were owed to you. It won’t be a lot, but it will be something. The cards say that you may go on multiple trips for your work, but they won’t happen right away and will be postponed. You’ll be getting a new unexpected offer. There is a hesitancy of taking the position because it feels different to you, but in the ending, it should be very good for you.


Someone that you know who is older than you will give you an offer you can’t refuse. The only trick is that it is in a new geographical location. It won’t happen right away, but the offer will still stand. The good thing is that you don’t have to give up your day job. In fact, you can continue to do it remotely at your new location. You will be collecting money on investments you’ve made. The Universe wants you to stay quiet about them and not tell anybody. The cards indicate this year will be good for you financially. The little investments you’ve made will pay off.


You’ll be getting more than one job offer sooner than later to make lots of money. Virgos are usually comfortable with the status quo, so at the beginning, you may be worried about it or get a headache doing it, but you will be very successful despite your insecurities. Because of this, you will get new recognition as well as old recognition. This will make you look very established, and you will be very established. You will get to a point where you could retire early, but retirement is not usually part of your vocabulary. Things will be at your beck and call.


A love relationship will fall into your lap, and you won’t have to do anything to get it. That is usually called fate, and it means you will be meeting one of your soulmates. For a long time, there has been bad blood between you and a friend of yours, and you will have an opportunity to kiss and make up. This friend would like to do a little business venture with you, and it will be very good for you. It might require a little bit of an investment on your part or perhaps nothing at all.


The cards say there will be something contractual that should bring you a lot of money. I’m not sure if this is an inheritance or money that was owed to you on a professional level. Either way, you’ll get it. As the year goes by, your field of specialty that you feel is a cottage industry will grow. As that door opens take advantage of it. Right now, you may be going through some grief or feeling isolated. I recommend you be the wiser one and be strong, and by the spring or summer, you will realize that you made the right decision.


There is a strong possibility that you will be going to a learning institution of sorts. Although you are worried about it, you are making the right choice to further your education. It will make you feel more independent. Although this will be a new career path, you’ll have no regrets. This has been a time of isolation for you where you have had an opportunity to reflect. Since the pandemic was meant to be here and on a global level, you have not missed anything outside of your bubble.


Very shortly you’ll be going through many breakthroughs in your life which you’ll be able to digest in your own good time. You’ll know of someone who was ill, but they will recover soon. For some reason, you had an illness that you couldn’t pinpoint, but as fast as it came it left, so you don’t have to worry. A soulmate of sorts will be unexpectedly visiting you this month, and it will make you very happy.


Aquarians have a way of not noticing their struggles while they go through them. You will only acknowledge your struggles once you start becoming more successful this month. After some postponements, the things that people have promised you will now come to fruition. An old love of your life will be coming back in and will give you a marriage proposal of sorts. Since it has been a while you will question whether you want to take up that opportunity.


You have had a year of ups and downs in 2021, but the one advantage is that you got brighter and wiser over time. Because you wisely invested your money, you’ll be even richer than before Pisces. Your day-to-day work has become more challenging for you, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do the work. This summer, you will be able to terminate your current career and move on to greener pastures. You will have an opportunity to take a short break before you move on so enjoy it.


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