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The Prognosis for January 2022

Although last year was one of the most difficult years to go through, things will eventually start turning around again. It is not without reflecting on things from the past to the present. This New Year will be about reflection and revelation on a personal as well as worldly level. Things that have been deceptive will now come to fruition and will likely change how we view things in this world. There will be certain world changes that may be difficult to get through, but we will get through it, so don’t be discouraged. For the most part, it will all be pretty good. Those of us that are anxious to travel, be cautious. It is still not a healthy world, but even though we bump into people that are unhealthy, if we take precautions, and are resilient, we should get through it.

This will be a year where we will become more spiritually evolved and more things will start to open up for us whether we are conscious about it or not. Somehow despite the difference in the world among humanity, there will come a moment where everyone will know how to mesh with each other despite our differences. Just realize 2022 will be about all of us healing again. This may take some time, since we are going through a lot of changes, and taking a gamble, but the gamble will pay off. By fall things should be back into some form of harmony.

Happy 2022! Light all around you!



To start, there is a chance by the beginning of this year that you will be offered a new job with a new company, and you will consider it. It will take you a little time to make the transition. If you feel yo