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The Prognosis for July 2021

July will feel like the kind of a month where you will feel some inner struggles. You might take it personally, but actually, it is affecting everyone globally. After you go through these struggles you will feel more optimistic as the summer passes. You will shed old skins like a snake and build up your self-confidence. You will feel less vulnerable as the train (this world) goes faster and faster again. After all you have been through; you are prepared for any obstacles that should surface even though you may still feel insecure where the future is taking you. Although you still might have struggles, you will get through them easier. Our economy will get better as well. You can learn from what the pandemic has taught you: adapt, make alterations and keep progressing regardless of the obstacles.

Light all around you!



On a mental level you have been trying to figure out what you would like to do that’s new on a professional level. You have not done it yet because of other obstacles in your life. Your dream is about to come true. You can go to that next level and be very successful even if you feel insecure about it. In doing so, you will be making the right decision. When you start something new and different professionally, it might give you the same feeling as if you are buying a new house. Long story short, this will get you established on another level in your life.