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The Prognosis for July 2023

The synopsis will be predominantly guided by my tarot cards this month with a little bit of astrology as outlined below. However, what I've seen through the years is that they are almost always in sync.

On an astrological level, we will be going through a push-pull feeling because Cancer will be opposite Capricorn. My tarot cards reiterate that and suggest that we will be feeling the push-pull long after the month of July. In addition, we will be going through a feeling of letting go. It’s almost as if we have no control over it, so it’s important to trust our intuition more and feel comfortable where our lives takes us (that's the Cancer part). We will be battling ourselves to have more control over what we do (that's the Capricorn part), but we will find with just a little bit of control or reserve, we will go along with more of a free flow in our lives. We are moving away from what's established toward something new and exciting so we must trust where it will take us.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


This will be a month where someone will leave your life for a while and another will enter your life, almost simultaneously. Don't worry, whoever it is, you'll enjoy their company while it lasts. For some reason, certain celebrations that you were supposed to attend will be postponed from matters beyond your control.


Well, not to sound too cliche, but this should be a month where someone will want to very seriously court you. In fact, they want to marry you, and won't take no for an answer if you’re unavailable. It’s a scene from a movie! You may have no choice but to go on a business trip that you have no desire to take, but to your surprise, if you go, you'll be very nicely rewarded.


There are certain things happening to you on a work level that will make no sense to you and feel like a waste of time. You'll realize what you thought may have been a waste of your time, will prove very beneficial to help get you to the next professional level. Shortly, you'll be getting new opportunities that will come your way, so please do not shy away from them.


You will have two opportunities coming up, but you just may take the one least attractive to you because of your fears. Don't do that to yourself! Take the one you really like because you're up for the challenge! This will definitely be a month about testing your self-confidence and proving to yourself that you can do it no matter what!


There may be some glitches in your work that may hold you back or delay you this month. Sometimes it’s a good thing to catch “issues” to nip them in the bud even if you regret going through the extra steps. Consider it a mixed blessing! You may have to travel this month because of family matters. Make sure you have your work affairs in order you don't have any regrets.


Although you feel at the beginning of this month that things are moving very slowly for you, it will actually get very busy and then you'll complain about it the other way around. If you're going to buy anything new this month, make sure you do your homework on the product you buy so you have no regrets later. This may feel like a tough month for you, but your intuition will help get you through it all.


You’ll be going through a month of unexpected change, but whatever it is, it will flow through very easily. You may have a falling out with someone, but the other side tells me that this separation will be a very good thing for you, although you won't see it right away. A work colleague of yours will pull through for you and keep his promise to you which will surprise you in a big way!


You'll feel this month is filled with one delay after another, but actually will help you take a rest between projects. If you find a product on sale that you wanted, don't buy it this time around because the item on sale is too good to be true. You should have a reconciliation with a loved one that you had a falling out with in the past. All will end well!


You'll have the feeling as if you're Superman and take on almost more than you could handle. This will be your Mount Everest moment. Do you make it up the summit? Yeah, you do! You'll be taking a trip to see someone and expecting the worst, but to your surprise, you may even get an apology from this very difficult person!


You'll be going through a lot of doubts with certain obligations, but in this situation, you're absolutely right, to let sleeping dogs lie. An old lover of yours may come calling. You may still have some issues to iron out with this one. On a karmic level, it would be good to resolve them.


Whatever negative issues you have with your work, will unexpectedly be resolved and it’s a headache off your shoulders. A friend of yours may ask you for a small loan. Don't do it! You'll never see the money again! If you want to be generous you could look at it as a gift. This is not a month to try out anything new or things you're not experienced in because you'll just land flat on your face.


Someone close to you will give you something very special that you'll cherish for a very long time to come. A business contract that you felt was binding, will now release any obligation that you felt you had with it. Good things happen to good people! This should be a very meaningful month for you overall, but in a very good way!


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