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The Prognosis for June 2022

On an international level, this will be month where we will hear unexpected truths in the news even more than we feel we want to hear. It will probably be in more than one topic. It may go from hearing certain news events from heads of state to even hearing about ET’s. My recommendation is to stay strong, no matter what you hear, and meditate. I feel that this world is going through unexpected change. Realize things should turn out okay in the ending.

On a personal note, we should all be going through changes in our lives. But even though we are going through these changes, there are things that will stay the same. Although you may feel insecure, things will be going with the flow and falling into place as we go along anyway.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


There may be a change in your job where you will be making more money, but there will be a change of responsibilities as well. You will have second thoughts and may want to leave, so think clearly about what you want to do. You may have an obligation to take an unexpected trip to deal with a crisis. Overall, you should be able to balance everything in your life this month.


This month is basically all about work situations. Although you may not necessarily be a boss, you will be an acting boss at work for a while. You may not like this unexpected new position and the pressure that goes with it, but the real boss will compensate you for it. Not only financially, but perhaps giving you a new position within the company. Although Taurus is a fixed sign, things should go very fast for you this month because of your work. Realize, this may be temporary, but you may have to make sacrifices in your personal schedule to accommodate this. Don’t worry; all of this will eventually work in your favor.


Although this month may start off with unexpected events happening in your life, if you just allow the Universe to do its work for you, everything will fall into place effortlessly (if you allow the Universe to help you). Right now, you feel you have no support or grounding. Somehow, you will be rewarded abundance of money, although this may not totally compensate how you feel. You really shouldn’t worry because you have the expertise to make sure everything works in order. You will be working with someone who is very different from you, but it will go very smoothly. There is something new and unique that will work for you very well, and you will be happy with it.


On a spiritual level your intuition will be very attuned this month. Because of that, I would stress that you listen to your intuition because it will give you the right answers. There are things from the recent past that have not been completed or settled. This month, everything should be all tidied up for you, but it could also mean that you get the right contract you want and it will be in agreement for you. You have some insecurity on a creative level and don't feel your ideas are as sharp as they could be. But overall, you have some very good and new bright ideas that will be beneficial for your work.


There is a chance that you will be taking a social trip this month, and you don’t seem too crazy about it. Someone from your past will be giving you a job offer on this trip. This will be a very substantial offer, so I recommend you take it. I almost get the feeling that you should say yes on the spot, but it will ruffle some feathers with people that are close to you. They will eventually understand.


This will be a month where you will get some unexpected visitors that will be staying with you. In the beginning, you are not going to be thrilled having people stay at your home. Through that connection, you will be meeting someone new that you will be very grateful to meet. This could be a new love made for you. There is a friend that you have where you will have to get something off your chest and have no choice, but to be honest and blunt. It seems like you are making it bigger than it actually is. Your friend will agree with everything that you are saying, and you will be surprised because of it. The moral of the story is if something bothers you it is best to get it off your chest.


This will be a month where you will feel like Mercury retrograde is not over for you. It will be a month of making plans, canceling them, rescheduling them, and after all that, you will have to change plans again. At first, it will feel frustrating for you. When everything is worked out, you will breathe a sigh of relief because things will be perfect in the ending. Also, expect that there may be some postponements, but that is only happening because the Universe wants to make sure that everything falls into place for you.


This month is all about dealing with issues from your past. You want to run the other way and not deal with it, but my philosophy is to get it over and done with now, so you don’t have to deal with it again in the future. There is a chance that you may have a medical scare. It is only a scare; your health will be just fine. You may have a major change in your work, and you won’t be too happy with it and be forced to do something different. In the beginning, it will be difficult, but I get the Sun card which means that you wind up on top with the sun shining on your work.


Because of past events (a divorce or separation) it’s brought up issues on appearance or how you look at yourself in life. It’s is like an identity crisis. You are still making major changes in your life, and as frustrating as these changes feel to you, in the long haul, it is as if you are doing a spring cleaning and allowing someone new to come into your life. You will realize that this is something that you need to learn in your life as far as your karma is concerned.


Recently you have been feeling like nothing new and exciting is happening, and you are doing nothing in your life. Did it ever occur to you that during these moments, you need to sit down and allow new and creative ideas to come to you? When you feel like you are stuck in a time warp, it just means that the Universe wants you to sit quietly to come up with new things. Once you let your mind go, a lot of creative new ideas will come to you. You will even surprise yourself with the creativity that you can bring to the table. Even if some of these ideas feel different, they will still work for you.


For most of the winter you felt that no doors have been opening up for you. It is as if you will be going through a 360 degree change, so something new and exciting will be happening. It could have to do with your work, social life or even your love life. As exciting as all of this is for you, you may be making major changes like a division or divorce of sorts. Being a fixed sign, you are not crazy about making changes. In this situation, it is getting rid of all the things that don’t work for you anymore. If you want to put out to the Universe that you want the changes to be more gradual rather than immediate, you can, but the best advice I can give you is the sooner you move on, the better.


Even though you feel you have the perfect job and perfect salary, you feel bored and frustrated with your work. There is a part of you that feels you should be grateful for what you have. What the cards tell me is that in this given situation, the cards suggest if you could, go back to school again and learn something new adding to your specialty or even doing something new altogether. Realize that learning something new is never wasted. If you don’t feel like going back to school, see if you can ask your employer if you can do something different in your line of work.


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