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Feminine Mystic Luring New Leaders: Mano's Astro Tarot March 2024

The Predictions for March 2024

Change is in the air for March, 2024. It's mostly for the better, but it will bring a small headache, although this change should be good. The winter blues may also get to us. We will be more aware of whats really happenning in the world and our country, and we will be watching very closely what is true and what is not true. Somehow we will see through whatever darkness may be there and have the strength to make things work better and throw out the BS that all these politicians and companies are trying to dish out. The road may be a little long, but it's nothing we can't handle. Strangely, the economy will continue doing well. We actually need new leaders. They are out there, but we can't see them yet. Who is to say we can't use a little feminine mystic to lure them to the surface. The light will be shining more, but little by little.

Light all around you ;-)!


(See your astrological sign below:)


You may be going through some health issues this month, so this would be a very good time to take a much-needed vacation. This will help you get back on your feet. You may have a very unexpected business opportunity come your way that you should look into. It may serve you very well.


This will be a very good month to help you get ahead in the workforce at your place of business. You'll even surprise your superiors by getting a big raise from the big guys upstairs, bypassing their bosses. You'll also do an early spring cleaning that's much needed.


You could get what you want done this month. It's just a matter of balance and patience to achieve your goals. There may be a hidden repair needed in your home right now that you can't see. So, try to be on top of who you need to contact when it presents itself.


You have an old problem that you need to resolve. Someone will introduce to you a new way to look after it. I would recommend that you take it up. Also, it will be one of those months where you'll have certain deals that will spring up that you could truly benefit from.


You may be confronted by some unexpected hits in your company. That doesn't mean you don't have the know-how to handle it, but it just may mean you'll have to change what kind of technology you use to make sure things run smoothly moving forward. Also, be patient so you see what's actually in front of you.


There is someone that you work with, whom you may have to let go because they are holding you back, so you just may have no choice. Bring in someone who will be more reliable and loyal to you and it will help save your business. You could have an unexpected visitor come stay with you. Make the best of it.


You should be having a certain amount of success this month. It would be advised that you keep it to yourself for the time being. You will also be meeting someone in your business, that can help you in a very special way. You won't notice it right away. but it will be a very pleasant surprise.


There is an opportunity that you've been waiting for, and my cards and guides tell me that you'll know when to move in with it. You'll be getting some sort of inheritance, but it will come to you from a very unexpected place.


It feels as if you were forced to have a relationship with someone that you didn't want to have one with. This is happening because you both have some karma to clear up. Once that is completed, you'll meet the one you're supposed to meet. You've always been a bit of a loner. You just have to learn how to accept that part of yourself.


You'll be coming to terms with someone that you've had your differences with for a long time. It doesn't mean you'll want to make them into your best buddy, but it means you'll be able to have a more relaxing life now. This will be a month where you'll do things in a very private way. Just remember, it's ok to keep certain things in your life private.


There are things from your past you need to look after before you go any further into the future. Don't worry, it's just a minor irritant that you have to look after. Once you do so, you'll have some very welcoming events happening in your life.


This will be one of those month's that you may have no choice but to go on a business trip. But the good news is that you can make it nto a small vacation for yourself as well. People will be pulling on you no matter how you try to organize your life with them. So, just remember, they mean well.


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