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The Prognosis for May 2022

I want to warn you that starting May 10th, to June 3rd, Mercury will be Retrograde again. So that you understand, when it is retrograde it affects some signs more than others. The signs that must be more careful are Gemini, Taurus and Virgo. Take your time forming your words, be more thoughtful, and don’t rush anything. I am not saying all the other signs will get a free ride because Mercury in Retrograde will affect them too, but those specific signs bear the brunt. Please don’t be discouraged in any way. It doesn’t mean your dreams won’t come true; it just means they will be delayed. Just remember, it is all about delays and mechanical things not working well, so I recommend not to buy any electronics or any types of machines. And be kind to each other. Having said that, my cards say the exact same thing as I am speaking. It just means that all those things might feel like they are going downhill. Just don’t do as much, and do it slower, and you will be fine. It also means anything you do at work, you should be more thoughtful and more confident, and in so doing, you will be able to get through. Realize since Mercury is in Retrograde, it will be a time to get you stronger for the rest of the year.

On a global level, as far as Covid and our health is concerned, things are not finished with Covid, so be careful a while longer.

This also should be a month of unexpected breakthroughs. So, anything out there that looks like we can’t do, we will be able to do. Any crisis that is happening out there may look bigger than it is, but it is nothing that we can’t resolve. On the other hand, on the home front, if things don’t look right happening around you, just remember we are more blessed than other countries.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


There is a project that you are thinking of doing, but you feel like you will fail. Realistically, you can be very successful. You are just insecure because it is something you have never done before. There is a trip that you will feel that you have no choice but to take, but you will find a way to do the work at home instead of traveling (if you want). You’ll be a teacher of sorts to a few people that are younger than you are. You will do a good job, and even though you are not a teacher, you are passing on your unique special skills.


This will be a health month for you, so be mindful of keeping your distance with people. I almost want to say you should be wearing a mask with gloves. The cards say you will be fine, but if you do get sick, it could be tough. Although you have a lot on your plate as far as work is concerned, there is one more project that will be handed to you. I recommend you do it because it will make you even more successful. Having said that, there is a chance that there will be more than one company asking you to work for them. I would highly recommend that you take one of these offers up.


For those of you who have been having a hard time getting a new job or starting a new project, this will be a month where you can get something that is very good for you. It won’t be hard work, and you will do very well with it. This new job or project may require traveling, so I recommend you get all your vaccines. You will be a fool not to take this offer up because you will make lots and lots and lots of money very quickly. This will be a month where a lot of good and unexpected things will happen for you. All I am asking from you Gemini is that you look at everything happening to you very positively and not negatively.


This will be a month where haste makes waste meaning take your time, don’t hyperventilate, don’t rush things, and everything will come out just fine. Even when you are at home this month, it will be very busy regardless of whether you are outside of the house or inside of the house. For those of you seeking employment it will be a very good month where something can land in your lap. The cards say you have some unique skills from your past, so it would wise to dust them off the shelf to start using them again. Just remember, past experiences can be golden.


This month you will be going through a period of meeting old people from your past and in this case, it will be good for you. Meaning whatever work problems you have, these connections will help resolve them for you. Whatever doesn’t work for you, just realize there is a hidden meaning in it for your best interest. Also, learn to be patient this month. You can’t speed up anything. The good thing about this month is that the people from the past coming in for you will be to your advantage. As long as you work with your patience and people from your past, things will work out just fine regardless of how many mistakes you feel you make.


You will have to contend with people on a business level that want bargains from you in May. If you don’t want to give anybody a cheaper price, just be patient until the month of June. There is a very good chance you’ll be meeting someone from your past, most likely a female who is not healthy. I would recommend that you use your intuition not to see this woman because there is a good chance she can get you sick as well. On a good note, your work will pick up, and your finances will pick up because you will get an influx of opportunities from people you have known from the past. Professionally, because of what happens this month, you will have a very good success rating for the rest of the year.


May will be one of those months where you will be meeting a lot of new connections for your work. As optimistic as that sounds, all these new connections will feel as if they all suddenly disappear. Don’t be discouraged because once May is over, they will start showing up again little by little. This will be one of those months that you might put your foot in your mouth, so what you can do is meditate or be thoughtful and watch your words before you speak.


This will be a month where everything will feel like it is stopping and going and stopping and going, and you will feel like you are going crazy. When you go through situations like this, repeat this affirmation 3 times, “The Universe is in divine order” and then thank the Universe. This will help. There is something on a legal level that you may have no choice but to give up. On a good note, what you may lose, you will get another opportunity to get something back that is even better. Finally, whatever investments you have made in the past, you should expect a huge financial return. For some reason they tell me it would be wise that you keep this quiet or to yourself about the huge amount of money you make. Otherwise, people will be coming out of the woodwork.


If you have any good ideas for new projects, I recommend you put them on hold this month. This would be a good month to finish anything that is old. One of the reasons is because the right people will be around to help you complete them. So, take advantage of that. Anything that looks like it won’t work out or be successful, it will. There is someone here that took an opportunity away from you or took money from you. This will be a very good month to resolve that issue. Meaning there will be reciprocity, so you will get back what you lost.


There will be visitors that you will be expecting this month, but they may cancel at the last minute and come another time. There is a part of you that feels relieved that they will cancel because it will give you some breathing space to do other things that you want to do. There is something around your house that has been accumulating dust. You will be surprised to find that it is worth lots and lots of money. So, whatever you have that is collecting dust that you want to get rid of will make you financially comfortable. There is someone from your past that you worked with who will be sending you a meaningful, heartfelt gift that will mean a lot to you. If there are any Capricorns out there that worked on a project, this will be the time to sell it. Whether you are a writer, a sculptor or inventor, this will be an opportunity for you to make money on that level.


Anything you had any doubts about that you felt may not work concerning your career will now be working and continue to do so. Since you made all the right decisions from your past, it now works. If there are any Aquarians that feel depressed because you don’t have a love life, don’t worry, it is coming. Just be patient. There is a good chance you will be meeting new people from past lives. Although they may feel new, they are considered old relationships, and therefore they will be part of your future. There will be two friends or two people that you will meet, that will have disagreements with you. It is nothing that can’t be worked-out with your own unique way of handling things.


Any Pisces that has been in a long-term relationship, this will be a month that will make or break the relationship. The person that you are dating has some bad habits that need resolved for this relationship to continue. It could be a smoking habit or something as silly as someone snoring at night, but it is something that needs to be addressed for you to continue having a good relationship with them. Projects with your work could be postponed, but if they are not, I recommend that you postpone them. This month any projects that you try to do will not be successful, so it would be wise to wait until June to launch them.


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