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The Prognosis for November 2022

Believe it or not, this should be a pretty good month where things will fall into place and you’ll have more control over certain issues with your life. Also, the economy should be running smoothly and very well for now, but that is not without fixing the bigger problem on a permanent level. Although the unemployment rate is not as low as it could be, it will be getting there. For the time being, grin and bear it until later in the month, and it will get better.

Our personal freedoms will be getting better now too, but that doesn’t mean we have not worked on it for a long time to get it there. We need to think more positively and have more courage for our country and our economy to remain stronger.

On an astrological note, Saturn has gone direct and so will Jupiter on November 23rd, which means things on an economical level will approve all around. Also, this full moon on November 8th will be going into a Lunar Eclipse, which means whatever is starting around that time will unfold within the next 6 months. But, since it is happening while these planets are going direct it will be more positive than negative. Mars will be retrograde for 3 months which means we will have less stress, less anger, and less war during the upcoming holidays. Not all retrogrades are bad. The downside is our sexual libido won’t be as high, but who is complaining to have a better holiday?

Light all around you!


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