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The Prognosis for October 2021

Worldwide, there should be more people finding employment. For those of you that are already making money, you should be making more of it.

Mercury is retrograde until October 18th, so you will be seeing the results from things that you have been working on from your past. You will think these achievements are brand new, but they are not. They are a result of MIR and of the work you have already done.

On a spiritual level, you might have a feeling of insecurity and lose sleep. What is happening is you are going through a spiritual upgrade. It is more unconscious than conscious. Just remember it is a spiritual upgrade. Some people say we are going from the 3rd dimension into a higher one.

This will also be a good time to visualize your dreams. This time they have the power to come true. Get rid of any negativity or fear or regrets, and that will help you manifest your dreams faster.

Light all around you!



Everything will accelerate this month, and things will happen fast. This type of pace makes you uncomfortable. Take it easy. Watch where things go, and then you can pick and choose what you want. You will get an unusual job opportunity. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means it’s different. Toward the end of this month, you will have a better understanding of if you want to change your life on a professional level.


Anything that you are trying to accomplish will happen, but be patient because it’s not going to happen immediately. On the other hand, at work, you will feel like your head is spinning because things are moving too fast. The fact that you can manage it all will take you to another level and get you recognized by your superiors. Anything that you have been upset or depressed about will be breaking, and you will be feeling mentally and physically better.


If you are having a hard time finding employment look a little harder, and you’ll be able to find what you are looking for within a short timeframe. Also, financial difficulties will soon be ending. The cards say you will be getting money in unusual circumstances. You’ll also be getting an offer to go someplace to help rescue or save a situation using your expertise.


There has been some form of obligation or an issue you have been having that you will resolve or let go of. It will make you happy once you resolve it. Because of your expertise and diplomacy, you will be ending something that has been nagging you. Also, you have something on the back burner that has been accelerating and it will unexpectedly perk. Although this makes you happy, expect the unexpected. For example, perhaps you had been waiting for a job offer to show up that you forgot about. When it finally shows up you’ll think what do I do now?


You may have no choice but to set up a new system at work. It will resolve a lot of headaches for you, however setting it up may feel exhausting. It is worthwhile. Going into the fall and winter everything you have been working on will be resolved. This has been a worry for you, so you won’t have to worry much longer. You may have a health scare. Take yourself to the hospital or see your doctor, but everything will work out. It will be more from your anxiety than anything else. It won’t hurt to meditate.


You have this feeling of wanting to get up and run out of town, but the cards tell me you still have too many things on the table at your job. It is out of control, so things may be postponed. Also, you will be going through a phase of feeling despondent. You will get through it no matter how depressed or worried you are. Things will fall into place. You will be successful at resolving these issues, and then you will be able to get out of town. As a Virgo, no matter how much you resolve your issues, even on vacation you will worry about them anyway. When the time is right, just let it go, and enjoy.


Happy Birthday to you Libra! Although Mercury will be in retrograde until the 18th, things should flow better for you this year since you are having a birthday during it. In fact, all the remaining Mercury in retrogrades will flow better for you this year. Typically I never encourage doing new things while MIR, but if you want to do something new, you can do it and you won’t have to worry. You will be going through a month where you will be ticking off your to-do list and repair jobs and you can fix things quickly. Also, on a legal level, if you require legal counsel and you feel stuck, this will be relinquished during this timeframe, and you will feel the lifting of the constraint. You might also get a promotion at work.


For the longest time, you have felt like things have been on hold for you. You can expect a shake-up this month. Things will be resolved and happening very fast. If you have been divorced, you will be finding out that certain things were not resolved and might need to be revisited. That is Mercury in retrograde for you! You may hear about a loved one or friend that has had an accident, and you might be called to help in their time of need. You’ll be visited by people from your past in order to work things out with them. On the good side, you’ll know exactly how to figure things out.


The worse thing anyone can do is try to have a new relationship while Mercury is retrograde. If you meet someone and it doesn’t work out, be patient and the circumstances may change as Mercury goes direct after the 18th. Whatever work project you have, be patient let it incubate, and then you will be happy with the results. If you rush it you will have too many bumps in the road. Also, those of you that need to travel internationally don’t do it yet. It is not the right time. Again, you will be bumping into too many obstacles.

Be patient, and wait until Mercury goes direct.


This will be a month where you will feel you have too much on your mind and might forget to pay certain bills like your electric bill or gas bill. On a health level, it may also be that you forget to take your medications or your vitamins. If you are feeling a little off, that is why. Also, anything new that you want to put together or assemble, read all the instructions, don’t skip anything. Read them thoroughly. If you don’t, you will have to start all over again. Wait until October is over if you can because the cards say you may not have all the instructions to assemble what you want right now.


This will be a month where everything should go nicely for you and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Things will happen in the most unusual ways. Also, for other things that you can’t really do, be patient and wait, and you’ll be happy with the results. In other words, don’t push anything. If you don’t have a partner, someone should be coming in around October but as late as the end of winter. It feels like a guarantee. Although you feel ill at ease, everything you have worked so hard for should be happening for you. You can actually say, I did it all on my own.


You have very good instincts. If your instincts are telling you not to travel this month, don’t. If you do you might regret it. If you have a partner, they will give you news or a gift that will make you very excited. It looks like you had a falling out with a good friend of yours for no good reason. You can hug and make up and resolve whatever silly issues you had to begin with. If you are starting a new job and need to sign something contractual, make sure you are content with the contract. They usually say not to sign any new contracts while Mercury is in retrograde and it doesn’t go direct until the 18th.


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