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The Prognosis for October 2021

Worldwide, there should be more people finding employment. For those of you that are already making money, you should be making more of it.

Mercury is retrograde until October 18th, so you will be seeing the results from things that you have been working on from your past. You will think these achievements are brand new, but they are not. They are a result of MIR and of the work you have already done.

On a spiritual level, you might have a feeling of insecurity and lose sleep. What is happening is you are going through a spiritual upgrade. It is more unconscious than conscious. Just remember it is a spiritual upgrade. Some people say we are going from the 3rd dimension into a higher one.

This will also be a good time to visualize your dreams. This time they have the power to come true. Get rid of any negativity or fear or regrets, and that will help you manifest your dreams faster.

Light all around you!