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Mercury in Retrograde with Solar Eclipse and New Moon

The New Moon will be in Gemini which is good for creativity. Since Mercury is in Retrograde it influences that so whatever you have created in your past, you could see the outcome now. Even though it is old stuff, it can still feel new. On top of that, there is a Solar Eclipse, which you will be feeling an influence the next six months. It means whatever intentions you have for your dreams can come true. Also, there will be a square Neptune, and typically squares are not good since it also depends on what else is in the mix. The Solar Eclipse can remove the deception, which helps you see where it is coming from. What this adds up to is deception in communication and mental confusion, so to balance all of it, you need to find clarity. This may take a little extra time, but it’s worth it. Since the Solar Eclipse will give you strength, confidence, and courage, with everything mixed in with it, it could make you feel high-strung, aggressive, deceitful, and at times reckless.

What you can work on in the months ahead is to be cautious and have complete honesty. There will also be a Saturn square Uranus, which means opposites happening. It’s like saying you see what is there, and it looks solid, but suddenly it is not there anymore. Perhaps there is a law, and then suddenly it is not there anymore. Something that feels solid and established will have a sudden shift and will no longer be solid and established. It can make you feel vulnerable, so you have to be quick on your feet, adaptable, and mentally with it. Anything that does not work anymore can disappear. Within the next six months, you will see lots of changes. This can also include things like earthquakes, new inventions, or perhaps even something that may leak out to the press that should have been kept quiet. New moons are always good to start something fresh and new and to be innovative.

Also, what is good about this Solar Eclipse, is it will give you an immense amount of energy and balance your emotions. This helps you to see things clearly and will be a great time to pursue many new options in your life with lots of creativity bursting out. So with everything said here, use your God-given intuition with confidence to give you clarity before you take action. Last but not least, this is also a New Moon to help you make your dreams come true. So really meditate and pray on that. Don't forget to say thank you to the Universe. Repeating it three times works like a charm!


  • June 10th, 2021


Do not light candles. With Mercury in Retrograde you should never do the candle ritual. If you want to follow a ritual during this New Moon, see my suggestions below.



Light Sage

Light some sage. It helps clear energy and aggression.



Meditate on sending peace and love to the collective.



Prayer always helps.


Love and Light all around you! Mano ;-)


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