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New Moon in Cancer - Intense Emotions Run High

The New Moon will be in Cancer and will be felt more intensely than usual. I am not recommending that you stay home and avoid people and engagements, but it will be a time when you'll be damned if you do and you'll be damned if you don't. You'll most likely be put in situations and around people that you usually don't want to be around and put in situations that you can't escape. So, make the best of it if you have no choice but to bump into an ex of yours at a funeral or wedding. Even worse, if you're a waitress and have to serve people that you feel are degrading and rude, do your best while being loving. Smile your way through it!!!

This would be a good time to treat yourself to a spa or even get a massage!

Love and Light all around you ;-) Mano



July 16, (17), 18

July 17 is the strongest day.



Blue, don't ever let them see you sweat.



Green for the heart. Kill them with love.



Brown, for strength. Show them

that you are first cousins with Superman!!



Pink, to keep people that you don't

want to be around away.



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