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New Moon in Leo - Strong at Heart

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

This New New Moon is a bit more special than others because so much on a planetary level is happening throughout this month. We start out with the Lionsgate portal that opened July 27th and remains open until August 12th. This helps if you meditate and or pray for your wishes to come true. But when you do this, make sure you say thank you three times and ask for it to manifest in "the here and now" because time on the other side is different than this side.

Then we have the new moon, which helps us with our inspiration to work on new things and ideas. This new moon will be very positive for the most part, but it also happens when Venus is retrograde. This means we will be dealing with issues that are affairs of the heart. But not only in love but also with our finances and our own self-worth in life.

We end off the month with Mercury in retrograde starting on August 23rd and ending on September 14th. This will be a time to evaluate your life, work on past projects that you put off, and look into other endeavors that you'd like to do after Mercury goes direct. Remember, don't light any candles when Mercury is retrograde because it can produce the reverse results and don't sign any contracts.

Light all around you ;-) Mano



August 15, (16), and 17

August 16th is the strongest day.



Blue, for clear thought and memory.



Green for love, self-love and world love.



Brown, for grounding and money.


Purple and Lilac

Purple or lilac, for your psychic intuition.



Orange for health.



Yellow, for progress.



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