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New Moon in Libra With Mercury in Retrograde

Just a reminder to everyone out there that during this new moon, you should not light any candles because Mercury is still in retrograde until around October 1 or 2, 2022. If you light a candle, the intentions you want to manifest will have the opposite effect. However, you can meditate or sage your living space/workspace to bring harmony and balance.

The New Moon on September 25 in Libra is opposite Jupiter this time, but emphasized in Venus. If you've used your money wisely and with good intentions, you'll be very well rewarded. (Well, depending on your karma.) Also, it will be a good time to invest your money. If you've been a selfish, greedy, extravagant, you know what, the universe might come and take a big chunk out of your ass. Just remember, this is also a good time to pray or meditate and to make wishes with a full heart to make everything in your life come true. But of course, please be realistic, I believe Harry Styles is taken!!!

Also, to let you know, when Mercury is in retrograde, things can be delayed. Things also can be misunderstood, so ask more than once for verification. In addition, we can also feel sleepier at this time. Despite Mercury being in retrograde, this can also be a very magical time.


September 25, 2022

Do not light candles!


Light all around you! :-* Mano


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