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New Moon in Virgo Squaring Mars -Unexpected New Members in the Boy's club

I usually think of New Moon's as enlightening, refreshing, and with new beginnings, but unfortunately, this one is on the brutal side. The moon will be in Virgo and squaring Mars, which is the planet of war and considered to be the male planet. Venus, (the female planet) is usually positive and loving, but is being squared by Uranus and opposite Saturn. Both planets are about the unexpected, learning, and sometimes very tough lessons. Saturn is all about the past. And Uranus is all about the future. Coming out of the negative there can be a lot of positive things coming out in the future. It could be laws protecting women's rights and also protecting the underprivileged.

This time around it is about aggressiveness, hate, prejudice, impatience, and particularly towards women in general. But through it all, I hope we learn about being more humane, tolerant, empathetic, and loving. Overall, people around you will likely be grumpier and angrier. Maybe I'm just more observant than usual, but I already see the anger displayed in others when walking down the street. I typically see behavioral patterns caused by the stars a few days before they heighten, but I just quietly go along with my life.

This time around, before you venture out, it would be wise that you meditate. Try not to let other people get to you. Try to be as tolerant and loving as you can. Remember, you don't know what other people go through. Needless to say, if you try to be empathic, it will go a long way.


August 26, (27th) & 28

August 27 is the strongest day



Green, for love.



Blue, for tolerance and understanding.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or lilac, to use your psychic ability and to be more empathetic.



Yellow, for protection



Pink to keep negative people away from you.



Brown, for strength and to hold your ground.


Love all around you! ;-) Mano


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