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New Moon Magic With Mercury Square Uranus - Turn Lead Into Gold

On July 28th 2022, the New Moon will be in Leo with a Mercury square Uranus. What this means plain and simple is swift change, like an unforeseen wave hitting you while (for example) lying on the beach or unexpected news while watching boring summer reruns.

Although all of this can make you feel jumpy, nervous, and impulsive, there is a silver lining added to the mix with the New Moon also trine Jupiter which is a very good thing. The trick is to look at things with a clear and open mind, to be flexible with the opportunities that are there and what you could create with your intuition! This can be a very advantageous time for your own growth and prosperity with unexpected opportunities around you.


July 27th, (28th) & 29th, 2022

July 28th is the strongest day



Green, to have an open heart.



Blue, for clarity and calmness and to keep cool.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or lilac, for intuition.



Brown, for lots of money and to keep grounded.


Light all around you! Have a beautiful rest of the summer ;-) Mano


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