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Sex, Money and the New Moon

This is an interesting New Moon filled with compromises and challenges concerning love and money. These can lead to positive results through some hard work, inventiveness, and coming up with new ideas as in finding new alternatives to get through any difficulties that you may have. You will also need to be patient and believe that everything will turn out for the better. Remember the keywords here are patience, thoughtfulness, and maturity. This will also be a time where you should expect unexpected information coming out about weird or kinky behavior concerning sex and or money.

All this will be happening because the New Moon on July 9th is in Cancer and connected with Uranus, which brings positive change, mixed in with freedom, excitement, and a feeling of self-awareness. That is associated with compromises in partnerships due to a fixed star called Wasat, which is currently in the middle of Gemini connected with Venus. That has to do with relationships and money. Just a word of caution and advice, don't do anything without using your intuition and thoroughly thinking it through before you do it, and that also concerns sex and money.


July 8th, (9th), 10th

The strongest day is the 10th.




Blue, to stay cool under pressure.



Brown, to stay strong and grounded.



Pink, to keep anyone out of your life you don't want.



Purple or Lilac, for you to have the intuitiveness to see the deception.


Green, to keep your heart open with those you love.



White, to get through any darkness.

Light all around you! :-* Mano


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