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Super New Moon in Pisces - Walking Deep in Trance

A man daydreaming, clouds
Mano Matthews Super New Moon in Pisces -Walking Deep in Trance

March New Moon Prognosis

This will be the second Super New Moon of five for this year, which will be happening on March 10, 2024, and will be in Pisces. Pisces is one of the more intuitive signs out there, and not to mention one of the more sensitive ones as well. So meditate and set your intention out there as if what you want is already happening for your future, so it will happen.

This is a time when you are more emphatic, caring, kind, generous, and loving. You will have more of a feeling of being connected to more of the divine and with much healing energy. You will also feel yourself going beyond the third dimension and will be going beyond.

Neptune will be very close to Pisces at this time which will make your dream state even more intense. So try to keep a notepad next to your bed so you can write them down. Remember don’t open up your eyes right away so you can remember them clearer as you wake up.

Although this could be a literal time of flooding and is also a time of overwhelming emotions, so be more positive and creative with it. Compassion is also a big one for Pisces and since Saturn is now closer this time around it is also practical. So if you meditate more, you will also get things done faster.

So now, let us get to the votive candle ritual part. I hope this will all help you get through the New Moon in March!

"Light all around you!" ;-)




March 9, (10), 11

March 10 is the strongest day.



Green, for compassion of the heart.



Blue, for calmness and clarity.



Yellow, for strength and durability.


Purple or Lilac

Purple and Lilac, to be more psychically centered.



Brown, to feel grounded.



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