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The Prognosis for September 2023

Usually, I like to write about the prognosis on a national or global level, but I would be remiss if I didn't start with some rules about Mercury in retrograde. To start, this will be a relatively long Mercury in retrograde. I strongly advise not to light any ritual candles for the new moon on the 15th, because whatever intention you put out there when lighting the candles will do the reverse! Trust me, I've seen it happen. However, meditation, praying, chanting, and burning sage will work just fine!

Overall though, each and every country should work on its own projects to resolve its individual problems in its own unique ways, because each country knows its customs best! The results will be successful. Progress will be seen slowly but surely and eventually balance because a certain innocent truth will be the motivation. This time, the Universe won't allow any mistakes to happen. Each and every individual on this planet will now have a chance to make a difference on this planet. I am getting that positive things will begin to happen on this planet.

This is the message that my cards are telling me, and I'm sure this will take more than just a month, and I'm only human. How right I am, only time will tell.

I do believe in the collective, and I feel we are tired and want to make a change. I fell we will have the courage to take control, make peace, and throw out all the negativity along with all the bad guys off this planet! We've got this!

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


It feels like September should be your astrological month instead of Virgos. Almost anything you want to happen in your life should happen in September for you. Don't question, take action. You had a lingering disagreement with a friend or relative of yours. It will now be a time of kissing and making up. You may be going through some legal matter, but for some reason, it will be swept underneath the rug for you in your favor.


You'll have no choice but to go through some obligation, legal or otherwise, but to your surprise, it will be in your favor. With anything you do this month, focus more on what is in front of you to avoid any accident that you may get yourself into. Someone you know will try to romance you, but they are just being deceptive to get something from you. Don't even go there!


To start the month, you'll feel a little insecure about making decisions because Mercury will be in retrograde until the 14th of the month. It's because your sign is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is all about communication. As long as you follow your heart guided by your intuition, I guarantee you won't make any mistakes! If you're doing any traveling, chances are your travel is postponed. You will make up for lost time by improving old projects, and you'll be just fine!


There's a possibility you'll be working with an old colleague of yours this month. You may not agree with all of their ideas, but you could still learn something from them as long as you are open to it. You'll come across some new projects that you want to do. The cards say it would be in your best interest if you postpone them for a few more weeks. You feel you're not at your best right now at work. You really need to have more sleep so you can see things more clearly for yourself.


You'll be collecting a lot of money from back pay this month from people who owe you money from work you've already done and from the most unexpected places. The contract that you've been waiting to sign will now be available for you to sign on the dotted line. They usually say not to sign contracts when Mercury is in retrograde, but since this is an old contract, you could sign it. This month will be one of recognition of your work and a feeling of being more established in your chosen profession.


You feel like you have so much to do with such little time. Remember, it's just a feeling that is triggered by Mercury being in retrograde. You'll get everything accomplished! For some reason, there will be some cancellations in your work schedule. So, take advantage of this free time to do other things that you've been putting off for a rainy day! Also, this will be a time when you can see where you can make improvements in your workload.


Astrologically speaking, they say when your birthday falls when Mercury is in retrograde between August 23rd and September 15th, the year flows better for you than the other signs in the zodiac. But this month, there will be new breakthroughs concerning your work that you never thought possible. So, please take advantage of it when the portal opens for you because it will also help escalate you on a new social level.


You might feel lonely, lost and mentally stuck this month. Remember, don't panic or get scared. Believe it or not, this is the best time to take your time, take a deep breath, and meditate. Then, miraculously speaking, the clouds will clear away, and new ideas will come to you for more progress and success. Then everything will fall into place for you. Remember, have faith in yourself, and then you can accelerate.


Be still and patient for a while, and then kaboom! New things will start to happen to you, and you'll handle it all very naturally to succeed and make your dreams come true. Doors will open to meet the right people to put you on the right destiny path to take you to the next level for your life purpose.


For the next 15 days, try not to start anything new because it just won't work out for you no matter what you do to start it off. Slowly but surely, in your own unique way, everything will start running smoothly for you. My only warning for you is don't forget to pay your bills and keep your finances in balance for this month!


Mercury in retrograde can be a bummer. Although your work will feel steady, it will feel slow and tedious, but you'll still be in the driver's seat. This will be a good time for you to work on your personal self-progress and to help strengthen old friendships. You also may feel a little dazed and confused, so trust in the Universe and let it guide you through this muddled month of September!


You will be one of the few signs in the Zodiac that will pull it off and get through Mercury in retrograde unscathed! Well, since you are a very psychic sign, you'll have a feeling of just wanting to be alone, but you'll be able to keep up with your social engagements and even make Mercury in retrograde work for you. (You are so fucking lucky!). But it is always a good time to complete old projects when Mercury is retrograde, and you are no different.


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